Spetner can save your company time and money with its Simplified Billing Service. By consolidating all your benefits billing into one easy-to-read invoice, Spetner’s Simplified Billing Service reduces Human Resource (HR) and accounting time and increases billing accuracy.


Managing multiple bills from multiple insurance carriers is precise and time-consuming work. Your employee benefits program may overwhelm your HR and accounting departments and keep them from other critical tasks.

  • One Consolidated Bill – Spetner will send you one timely, easy-to-read bill each month. Your customized invoice will list each employee and all of his benefits in a user-friendly format.You remit only one payment to Spetner. Spetner will process your payment and route all premiums to the appropriate carriers on your behalf. You will have one bill and one payment, no matter how many lines of coverage you wish to consolidate.
  • Customized Reporting – Spetner can design your bill any way you want it. Whether you sort by G/L codes, employee number, SSN, or alphabetically, we will create a format for you that works.Whether you have one location or 100, Spetner will custom design your invoice to compliment your internal systems.
  • Payroll Interface – Spetner can interface with your payroll system to simplify payroll deductions for all of your employee benefits.


Many dollars are needlessly spent paying for benefits for employees who no longer have coverage.Trying to reach the right person at an insurance carrier wastes time and money.

  • More Accurate Reporting – Spetner’s trained professionals reduce revenue loss due to unreported terminations and changes.With our state-of-the-art technology, and close communication with your HR staff, we accurately record employment and termination dates. Spetner will verify that only the employees who are supposed to be on your bill, are on your bill. Keeping your bills up-to-date decreases costs and prevents employers from paying for benefits for employees who have terminated or cancelled coverage and are no longer salary deducted.This can translate into immense savings.
  • A Single Point of Contact – Because of our excellent relationship with scores of insurance carriers, we will become the single point of contact for all your insurance billing needs.This saves valuable time and money and allows you to provide the best possible benefit package to your employees. By improving performance and service, we increase the cost effectiveness of your employee benefits plan and increase the effi- ciency of your HR and accounting teams.Your Spetner account manager can show you how our Simplified Billing Service will save your company time and money. Simplified Billing Service