Tracking employee eligibility can be a full-time Human Resource (HR) position. In industries with a high employee turnover, this process can also be complicated and confusing. Spetner provides a wide range of Benefits Administration services to save your HR staff valuable time and to save your company money.


Spetner will become an extension of your HR team, executing some of the time-consuming functions the HR staff would be required to perform.

  • Employee Status Tracking – New hire, W4, and direct deposit forms, etc., are sent directly to Spetner. Spetner will continually track your employee’s status and inform your payroll department of necessary information or changes.
  • Benefits Eligibility Tracking – Spetner will inform your HR manager when your employees become eligible for benefits. Benefit enrollment forms may be completed by the employee and sent to Spetner; or if you qualify for Assisted Online Enrollment, the employee would enroll directly online with our professional benefits representative.
  • Carrier Notification – Spetner will make sure all appropriate carriers are notified of the new enrollee. Spetner will forward all pertinent information to each carrier, as well as file waivers.
  • Payroll Notification – If the employee elects voluntary benefits, Spetner will automatically notify your payroll department of any deductions.


Spetner’s Benefits Administration services provide more accurate and timely tracking of employees. Our efficient process of reporting employee benefits and eligibility may save your company thousands of dollars.

  • Employee Benefits Invoice Reconciliation – Spetner’s trained, experienced staff is equipped with state-ofthe- art systems to carefully track eligibility and to reconcile employee records with your benefits invoices.This ensures that you pay only for eligible employees.


Spetner’s Benefits Administration services include communicating benefits information directly to your employees.
  • Improve Employee Appreciation – By providing cost-efficient, individualized employee reports and personalized communication, Spetner will increase your employees’ understanding and appreciation of their benefits plan.


Compliance with the ever-changing government regulations is one of the most difficult and important tasks of your HR staff. Spetner makes it easy.
  • Compliance Check Services – Complying with the ever-changing federal, state, and local laws has become a major concern for businesses. Spetner’s staff maintains a careful watch on regulations and will assist your company by performing regular compliance audits of your policies and procedures. Spetner’s staff will then provide suggestions on changes in all critical areas.
  • COBRA Administration – Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires employers with 20 or more employees to offer continuation of group coverage to employees and their eligible dependents who would lose benefits through events such as termination, divorce, or death. Offering bene- fits to your COBRA-eligible employees and qualified beneficiaries is an important legal compliance requirement. Spetner will make sure continuation of benefits for this group is managed properly and the COBRA notifications are generated in a timely manner.


Spetner’s advanced technology for tracking and reporting benefits, will provide you with prompt, accurate claims processing. Our highly trained service professionals, will provide you with outstanding customer service. Our staff is available to respond to your needs quickly when you need answers. Let Spetner show you how our Benefits Administration services can help your company.