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Employee benefits and the enrollment process can take a disproportionate amount of your over-loaded Human Resources (HR) department’s time. Spetner has a solution that will streamline the enrollment process for the employee and reduce your administrative time and expense – Assisted Online Enrollment (AOE).

Assisted Online Enrollment simplifies employee benefits and the enrollment process. It allows employees to see their benefit options, make informed choices, and to ask questions while speaking directly with a professional benefits representative. It is simple to use and requires no training. It accomplishes the tedious and time-consuming paperwork your HR staff would normally be required to complete.


With the click of a mouse, Assisted Online Enrollment empowers HR with speedy enrollment and instant reporting.

  • Reduced Paperwork – Employees are enrolled in benefits electronically, eliminating hand completion of enrollment forms.
  • Increased Accuracy – Online enrollment calculates employee contributions, including pre-tax benefits.
  • Easy Reporting – After effortlessly completing enrollment, the employee receives a printed confirmation statement with all payroll deductions clearly listed. HR may choose to receive the new election information by paper report or e-mail.
  • Pre-Enrollment Communication – Before enrollment, HR may even distribute printed bene- fit information created from Spetner’s enrollment site, customized with your company’s plan options.
  • Post-Enrollment Communication – Employers may use the Assisted Online Enrollment site to easily communicate benefit plan information to employees.
  • Allows Automatic Vendor Notification – Spetner handles the transfer of enrollment data to vendors, freeing employers from the burdens of data entry, faxing, and mailing forms. All eligibility and elections are uploaded to the employer’s third-party administrator or insurance carriers.


HR directs employees to the online enrollment site, where employees sit in front of a computer screen and allow Spetner to take command.

  • No Computer Skills Needed – Employees do not need to be computer literate to use assisted online enrollment.The only talent required is the ability to watch the computer screen and answer questions, as the Spetner professional guides the employee through the enrollment process.
  • Easy to Understand – The benefits representative will clearly explain the available options to the employee, while these options are displayed on the computer screen. Any questions the employee has about benefits, will be answered as the enrollment proceeds, freeing HR to handle other tasks and giving employees a better understanding of their benefits.
  • Accurate Information Gathering – The professional benefits representative will type employee personal data onto applications as the employee observes. If any information is incorrect, employees will see it on the screen and may make corrections immediately.


Spetner’s online enrollment is not only for open enrollments, but also for enrollment of newly eligible employees and mid-year changes.

  • Communications – It is a terrific yearround benefits communication tool. After open enrollment, HR can use this system to download plan comparisons or to access links to carrier sites for Provider Directories all year long.
  • Archive – It is an ideal vehicle for documenting employee coverage history and elections throughout the year.


Spetner’s system is designed to enroll employees, while keeping sensitive, personal information completely confidential.The basic system uses personal identification numbers and also requires a password. Check our website to learn more about the higher levels of security that are standard to all Spetner products. Your Spetner account manager can show you more about assisted online enrollment and the other unique, online solutions Spetner has to offer.