Abraham & Rose Spetner

Kenneth & Rita Spetner

Jonathan Spetner


Abraham and Rose Spetner sold their first insurance policy in 1935. Together they built a business by providing affordable insurance solutions for a wide variety of needs. They established a reputation for being knowledgeable and honest, and their business grew. Although many things have changed since 1935, a third generation continues to operate Spetner with the same goals: caring about each client and providing the best solutions to every need. Whether you are looking for an individual life insurance policy, personal estate planning, benefits for many employees, or human resource assistance programs, Spetner will help you navigate the maze of insurance options to find the solution that best serves your needs. Spetner gives the same care and attention to each client. We promise to provide you the best possible benefit package for your budget. Our goal is to provide you with the benefits you need for your lifestyle. Spetner, Benefits for Life.